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kitten 9 My kittens are weighed, handled and stroked every day from birth to departure at 13 weeks. They live with us and share our lives.

All the family (two adults, four children and a German Shepherd dog) cuddle and play with them, and they discover various sounds such as the vacuum cleaner, music, and laughter etc

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Every Ballymonelies kitten is fully vaccinated (against feline panleukopenia , viral rhinotracheitis and calicivirus, chlamydiosis and leukemia with the Purevax vaccine from Merial) - the first vaccinations and all the boosters. They are thus perfectly immunized on leaving the cattery.

The kittens are wormed three times and identified with a microchip. The certificate of Felv FIV-negativity of the kitten is delivered to the purchaser. Copies of the DNA tests for the parents are also included in the kitten's papers.

kitten 4 Kittens destined for export are vaccinated for rabies and have a European passport. They will stay at the cattery until the required legal time has elapsed before they can enter the country of their new owners.

The application for a LOOF (Official French) pedigree is made immediately after the identification, and you will have the proof of receipt of the application in the folder. You will receive the pedigree of your kitten some time later, directly addressed to you. As a member of the Cat Club de Paris, attached to the Fédération Française Féline, I can also request a FIFE (International) pedigree for export kittens.

You are always welcome to visit the cattery and meet our Chartreux family.

kitten 7 kitten 10No kitten will be boarded onto a cargo plane. I am happy for my cats to be exported, on the express condition that the kittens travel accompanied in the cabin !

Above all, tell me what you expect from your Chartreux kitten: whether you will keep him only as a family cat, or if you are looking for a breeding / show cat.

My kittens are intended primarily as companion animals, to be loved, above all, as cats ... pet cats, and in exceptional cases, the best ones may be bred from.

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All the pics of kittens were taken from litters of
Ullya, Themis, Luna, Adélie, Cléo and Canelle

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