The Ballymonelies Cattery was started as I was passionate about my first Chartreux-bred cat, called Solwegue du Lucius, and I was assisted by Claude Guérin (Gorbynière cattery), owner of Thumar aus dem Hause Franck, a male Chartreux from Germany. I was totally seduced by the natural and loving qualities of my ‘aristocat’, by his quiet and gentle character and his innate adaptability.

Thumar aus dem Hause Franck Solwegue du Lucius

My goal is to breed beautiful kittens, healthy in body and mind, perfectly socialized, and faithful to my perception of the race as it was planned by the original breeders: Suzanne and Christine Léger, Jean Simonnet, Gina Launay, Gérard Jacquemin ... Raising pure Chartreux litters as close as possible to the breed standard and above all, giving great satisfaction to their future masters, breeders, exhibitors and individuals.

The physical and psychological health of our cats and kittens that I raise is crucial. I am also constantly gaining a clearer understanding of bloodlines, absolutely rigorous in choosing the parentage. Our Chartreux are all shown in LOOF and FIFE shows. The podiums are not an end in itself but allow the breeder to compare and evaluate his cats, otherwise he becomes prey to selective blindness.

Most of our cats are international champions. Through them, we have experienced the thrill of winning many Best in Breed, Best in Show and Best of Best !

We are very attentive to the quality of life and the health of our cats, whether they are actively breeding or simply family cats. They all have the same health care, all their vaccinations and a very high quality diet. All breeding animals are tested for their blood group and DNA.

To protect them, we do not let our cats outside; they live at home with a private garden, protected from external dangers.

Ballymonelies Cattery is a member of the Club du Chat des Chartreux, the Cat Club of Paris and the Association Félinotechnique Française. The cattery holds a certificate of competency and is registered with the appropriate animal health and financial institutions.

Ballymonelies Breeding Selection

From the first mating between Solwegue and Thumar, we kept Thémis de Ballymonelies, and the following year, Ullya de Ballymonelies. Tristan des Coteaux de Saint Gayrand, mated with Themis, gave us Velvet Blue de Ballymonelies.
In breeding cats, as in life, one can make some beautiful acquaintances. Thus, Gérard Jacquemin, owner of Lilas Bleus Cattery, Chartreux breeder for over thirty years, kindly provided me with two males, a few years apart: Vindilis and Arthurdes Lilas Bleus. These two males have been a springboard for furthering my attempt at trying to continue the work of Chartreux selection. The third generation is born: Anis from Ullya by Vindilis, and Canelle from Anablue de Ballymonelies by Arthur. Anis was mated with Arthur and now we are raising litters from their daughter, Cléo. We're also looking to expand the fourth generation with Eleis de Ballymonelies, daughter of Canelle de Ballymonelies by Clovis de Phaselys (lent by the lovely Isabelle!)
Luna de la Fenatte is also one of my original cats. Mated with Vindilis, we kept Anatole and Adélie, both international champions. Adelie is now retired but Capucine, her daughter took over!
Françoise Ceppi, from the Ramée Cattery, allowed me to continue my selection over the generations. The arrival of Oscar de la Ramée brought new blood into my lines. I am very proud of this male, the first arrival in France from this small but high quality Swiss breeder. Françoise - thank you for your confidence! From the latest wedding of Themis with Oscar, Désiré de Ballymonelies has remained with us. I hope he will be as successful as his dad. Watch this space!